Without temporary external support, supply engineering companies (plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation) often cannot accept large orders. Anyone who wants to stay on the safe side as a contracting company or general contractor should choose their support carefully. There can only be one answer to the question of whether temporary workers are through a personnel service provider or at least a subcontractor.


A reliable subcontractor offers much more than classic temporary employment agencies, personnel service providers or providers of temporary work. Because they not only take on all tasks in supply technology, but also “take responsibility for what we do”, emphasizes Patrick Hering, managing director of the Hamburg subcontractor Die ElbMonteure: “Both in the lead incl. Planning and calculation as well as providing active support to the client’s core team, our fitters, head fitters and foremen are booked as reliable teams – without overtime or weekend surcharges. “


One of the most important differences between temporary workers and subcontractors lies in the question of warranty: As a service contract partner, the subcontractor is liable for damage as well as for a fault-free result. Not the effort, but only the success of his work is rewarded. If the work shows defects, the contracting craft company can request the subcontractor to remedy the defects. The personnel service provider, on the other hand, is neither liable for damage caused by the temporary worker nor for the quality of the work. Liability lies with the borrower or general contractor. A risk that should not be underestimated.

Patrick Hering: »It is important for the chain of liability that the part of the specifications including construction plans that concerns us is forwarded to us as a subcontractor without any changes. Then it is 100% guaranteed that what we owe the general contractor as a subcontractor is identical to what the client wants. «There is another important point that speaks for subcontractors: The client is billed in accordance with Section 13b UStG change of tax payer, ie the sales tax remains with the client.


Another advantage of hiring a subcontractor is the well-coordinated team. Here, each hand knows what the other is doing – and unlike many temporary workers, it is fairly remunerated for its work. As a logical consequence, you can rely on motivated skilled workers who are also managed by an experienced chief fitter or master. Elise rings, managing director of Die ElbMonteure: »Of course our teams appear in neutral clothing and travel nationwide in neutrally designed vans to the respective project. We and our customers attach particular importance to this. «And the professional tools – in contrast to temporary workers – are always at hand: hand tools, press machines, drills, angle grinders, cable reels, conductors, spotlights, oxy-fuel welding harnesses and much more. In short: with the right subcontractor, specialist companies can rely on an unbeatable overall package.


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