While some industries feel the holiday season in the summer months, Die stands for Elbe fitters the work is anything but quiet. Northern Germany’s professionals for Assembly services put their expertise in terms of Sanitary-, Heating– and Air conditioning currently in Hamburg-Hammerbrook and Braunschweig. In the Lion City of Braunschweig, it is the first time the fitters, head fitters and foremen of the Elbe fitters have been deployed. “For Hamburg-based supply technology companies, on the other hand, it is now considered good form to fall back on our motivated team when there are bottlenecks in the personnel area. For many, we are the first choice when it comes to a well-coordinated combination Machines, manpower and tools goes. “, describes managing director Elise rings the reasons for the comfortable order situation.


A lot is currently happening in Hamburg-Hammerbrook near the main train station. The district is thriving – and The Elbe fitters are there. “Hundreds of apartments are currently being built here within 3 years of construction. There is a lot to do for our guys at the front. Against the background that we have a decisive advantage for specialist companies over traditional Personnel service providers to have. In addition to a lot of experience, we also have first-class equipment, ”says managing director Patrick Hering, explaining one of the many benefits of his company. In addition to well-stocked tools, presses, ladders, scaffolding and machines are part of the standard repertoire at the Hamburg subcontractor.


Since the Elbe fitters also accept orders in Switzerland, the current assignment in Braunschweig is almost a stone’s throw for the assembly team. Patrick Hering: “In Braunschweig, 6 of our fitters install a complete 4-megawatt central heating system in just 3 weeks.” Among other things, steel pipes up to DN 100 are laid. In addition, there are manifold construction, hot water preparation and the change and hydraulic balancing of 400 double regulating and commissioning valves. Patrick Hering and Eliseringen’s team does all of this work independently for a renowned specialist company in the region.


“Due to the order situation, we are still looking for reinforcements with performance-based pay: Dedicated fitters in the areas of heating, sanitation, cooling / air conditioning and ventilation should support the team in exciting projects. In addition to the ability to work in a team and a high level of commitment, a completed vocational training as a system mechanic for or as a plumbing, heating and ventilation fitter is required. Applicants with a class B driving license are preferred Applications Including salary expectations and possible start of work, managing director Patrick Hering is happy to receive it by email at hering (at) dieelbmonteure.de


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